Michael Andrews

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There is a rumour I like camping, this is actually a lie. My Tent Or Yours however, is the greatest racehorse to ever walk, or trot, among us.

However, you are here to find out more about Michael Andrews. Or maybe you accidentally clicked my name while scrolling? Yeah, thought so, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone; it’ll just be our little secret.

I’m one of the most fortuitous nineteen year-olds ever to work in the racing industry. It all started back in the good old days, somewhere around the turn of the century, when my grandparents took lil’ old me to the local races. Ludlow and Bangor were popular favourites but it’s actually Jersey Racecourse in the Channel Islands that sticks in my mind as my youngest racing memory. I still have a race card from Summer 2000 (I would be 4) and the memory of the horse, Hush Money, finishing third. I also have strong memories of certain grand nationals… and by that I mean any Grand National that had Blowing Wind in the line-up!

My love of horses had been evident from a young age too, often sitting on my Auntie’s horse whenever she let me. I learnt to ride aged 6 and still I can’t spend much time away from the saddle! I’ve always desired to work in the racing industry, though my juvenile thoughts did range from a jockey to a trainer. Instead, over time, I realised the little stories I’d written as a child could actually be my way into the equine business.

In 2009, I applied to do work experience with a commentator and since then I’ve had more than my fair share of lucky breaks. Since that initial letter I wrote to Darren Owen in 2009, I’ve gone from a racing fan to a paid form analyst, commentator and researcher. Not bad eh? I can’t thank Darren, Ian Bartlett and my boss, Arthur Cooper, enough. For the latter I’ve written form for French trotting racing (Team Ready Cash, but also love Västerbocheckpoint) and jump racing (so many, but Sirene D’Ainay & Gémix top the list). I’ve also written English and Irish form for Australians as well as for domestic punters. In the summer of 2013, I visited flat racing yards with a team interviewing and featuring horses entered in the Melbourne Cup; the highlight meeting Red Cadeaux & Snow Fairy.

In 2014 I helped set up, market, write and commentate for German Racing Review which was another new exciting adventure. I also began a job working for CheltenhamTV, doing the numbers on the big screen on race days at the course. It’s like being the commentator, but (less well paid) and with numbers, rather than names.

I’m now nineteen and after doing well in my A Levels I’m now at the University of Leeds, studying International History & Politics. I’ve already introduced six of my flatmates into racing in our first semester, as well as enjoying my theatrical side by having a part in the university pantomime.

I’m hoping to travel during the three years as well as possibly studying abroad, before finally settling down in a job. I can only hope it’s talking about something with four legs that spells AZERTYUIOP rather than QWERTY.

My middle name is cheeky and any excuse to exercise humour on the racecourse is taken; punny names are my forte (as you may have guessed from the intro). I like Indie Rock & Alternative music, adventure/fantasy and comedy films and lots and lots of books.

Twitter: @mytentoryours
Email: iammichaelandrews@gmail.com

Best Named Horses in Training:
My Tent Or Yours
Tossoff (FR)
Un Peu de Vent (FR)
Top Tug

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